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Append variables to a multiline text field

Question asked by christinagateley on May 14, 2018
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I have an audit section in my form which can be updated multiple times until a condition is met (i.e. it is in 'Completion' and the 'Complete and Archive' button is used).  This is how the forms looks for each choice:


'Routine Monitoring':






Whenever a user completes either the 'Routine Monitoring' or 'Audit' fields and submits the entry, the workflow copies the values into variables like this until its condition is met:



What I need to do is take the values of the 'Builds strings' and append the multi line text field (which is entitled 'History' in the form images above), because at the moment the values get overwritten every time it loops - as you'd expect.


For info: I initially set-up the form using repeating sections but my customer didn't want to use that functionality so it seemed that my only option was to create a multi line text field and keep a history log this way.  I also tried formatted the multiline text field to append, but then it just appended everything, every time I make a change in the form and this wasn't ideal.


If there are better ways of doing this, I'm open to advice


Many thanks for any help you can provide!