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Problem with State Machine Erroring

Question asked by smawer on May 16, 2018
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I've seen that problems regarding state machines are very common however I can't find a resolution to prevent my workflow from erroring when at the stage of changing a state.

The workflow goes through a state machine (with 2 states available) then through a flexi task. If the task is rejected it changes states (this change works fine), then waits for a change in a field before then changing state again to loop back to the first state, however the workflow errors and stops. It appears looking at the times that the workflow errors when trying to start the first state again.


- I have tried resetting the SharePoint Timer Job.

- I have tried running a powershell script suggested on another forum which updates webconfig on all servers in the farm:


$webapp = Get-SPWebApplication -identity [SiteURL]



Any help or advice would be great. - Thanks!