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Print to PDF displays path of the list lookup control and peoplepicker controls

Question asked by nirmala on May 13, 2018
Latest reply on May 14, 2018 by nirmala

I have a Nintex form with lots of List lookup controls and people picker controls and when i hit "Print to PDF" all the list lookup control and people picker controls values are displayed along with the path which actually is making the PDF look quite cumbersome.


I have grouped the controls on to the panel and have a rule against the panel as follows:


The rule works fine and disables the panel controls in view and edit mode.


I have a custom css on to the Panel and this works fine.

.tester {color:blue;}


To test whether the @media print is working on to my site or not i have added a css class under media print as .tester and added the css on to the label.

.tester {color;blue;}

@media print {
.tester { color:red;}

@media print does change the text to Red when selected "Print to PDF" in Preview mode, but doesn't work from list item mode.

Print to PDF in Preview mode.


When it hit "Print to PDF" i get the below (from list item mode), the labels also are not showing the included CSS. (font-color:red)



I have opened "Developer-tools" of IE to check whether my custom class is attached to the control or not, and unfortunately it has got the default "nf-label-control" class instead. 


I have custom css (i am using bootstrap.min.css) in my master page for branding my site.


I am using Nintex forms 2013 on premises and the version is


Any help is greatly appreciated as all our forms have got list lookups and people picker controls and all these are looking quite messed up with "Print to PDF" option.