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Conditional Modification WF Not Starting

Question asked by cshah on Nov 11, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2017 by akrasheninnikov

I have a workflow that I want to run when a list column called "Assigned Analyst" is changed. "Assigned Analyst" is a Person/Group column that allows multiple choices, is not required, and has no default value.


If I set the start condition to "Conditional" for modification and set the conditions to "Assigned Analyst (previous value)" not equals "Assigned Analyst", then change the Assigned Analyst on a list item, the wf does not run.


If I set the start condition simply to "Yes" for modification and then modify a list item, it runs and completes successfully (but obviously that includes modifications I don't want it to run for; that was just as a test).


We have tried using SharePoint Manager to delete the event receiver and then republished the wf but that made no difference. (That had previously solved an issue where wfs with conditional modification start settings were running on all modifications - basically the opposite problem but in a way, similar)


I have also tried setting "Assigned Analyst" not to allow multiple choices, and tried using a column of a different type to see if it was a problem with either of those things. It does not run in any situation where the start setting is on conditional modification.


Does anyone have any further suggestions on what to try, to make this wf run on conditional modification?



I should have also mentioned, we are using SharePoint 2013 Enterprise, and Nintex Workflow version - English