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tag for fields on object 2 levels down

Question asked by on May 12, 2018

I need to access fields on an object that has a master-detail relationship with Account and a LookUp relationship with Opportunity. In addition, the record I want to access is the one related to the Opportunity.


My Doc Package starts at Account. It has a Relationship to Opportunity via AccountId (Related List).  Because I only want certain opps this Relationship has a filter on Stage. 

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This works fine. 


Now, I need to access a Course record that is related to the specific Opp. (An Account may have several Opps with Stage = Write Contract. Each Opp will have its own related Course) So I created this Relationship:

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I can't figure out how to tag fields from this Course object. 

If I use these tags, nothing populates in my document:

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If I use these tags, I get fields from only 1 Course (the tag does not identify the Course related to the Opp)

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Any ideas?