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How to export Repeater section XML format data to Excel

Question asked by sreedhar on May 8, 2018
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I have created one sample Nintex Form , which consist of one Repeater section data.

While saving the repeater section clicking on save button .

The data is successfully saving in the List. but while exporting the List column data (XML format data) to Excel 

can not export the repeater section data to excel but it is being saved as XML format only in excel.

Can anybody help me out how to export Repeater section data to Excel with out XML format.


Here I have developed Nintex form using Repeater section.





Step :1



Step 2 :


Step 3 :



We need the Normal format data in Excel while exporting to Excel from List

Instead of XML format (Repeater section ) data in to Excel.


Please help !!!


Thank you in Advance for your great help.