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Change Label Background Color based on Value

Question asked by cmcdeed on May 8, 2018
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Have an interesting scenario that I'm working through and thought I would post here for input or to post the solution once I find it.



In short we are creating an electronic approval processes to replace a paper one regarding requisition requests, requests to purchase stuff. Like most places we have thresholds and you have to do different things depending on the threshold dollar value. I'm designing the form and workflow to walk someone through the policy instead of assuming they know it all. It will tell them what they need to do next and so on. To visually aid this activity I want to highlight the threshold on the form once they provide an estimated amount to spend.



How do I give the appearance of highlighting a label field, I assume by changing its background color, based off the amount they enter in a box on the form, a single line text box. If they enter $3,000 I want to highlight the label box related to the threshold of $2,500 to $10,000.


Any help is greatly appreciated.


Basically each cellish looking part below is a different label box.