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Rules don't always seem to execute until after I save form

Question asked by slarsson on May 9, 2018
Latest reply on May 10, 2018 by N M

First off thanks to everyone who posts on this site.  I have been able to figure out a great of tricks based on your posts! 


One problem I am having is the timing of rules.  For instance, I have a form where one of the first fields is "Type" - based on the selection made in this Choice dropdown field, other fields become visible.  There are several posts on this site on how to make this happen, so I had no issues getting it to work.

I then wanted to do the same thing with a checkbox.  The rule does not seem to respect the selection made in the checkbox (I've tried setting it up as a Yes/No, Choice with checkbox option, even the built in yes/no in Forms)...  it does work, however, AFTER I save the record and reopen it (it seems the act of saving and then reopening triggers the rule and the field(s) become visible). 


I've now also run into a similar issue with lookup data (I look up a contract name from a second list, and also want to pull the expiry date from that same list based on the contract selected).  I found how to set up the control on this site, and if I hit save, when I reopen the record its there - but it does not appear "live", the way the fields respond when I have conditionally visibility based on a drop down.


Why do some controls/rules seem to execute immediately, and other require a save?  Is there a way to force it to happen right away?


I am on a current version of sharepoint online and Use Nintex Forms for Office 365 v.