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Workflow to Copy Document from Subsite to Parent Site

Question asked by kwilliams on May 1, 2018
Latest reply on May 1, 2018 by kwilliams

I have two workflows, the first one is a review and approval process, once approved it kicks off the Publishing workflow.  The problem I am having is, the Review/Approval workflows kicks off the Publishing workflow, but it doesn't copy the Word document to the Parent library, but if I run the Publishing Workflow independently, it will copy the file to the parent library.


The messages I am getting with the Publishing workflow when kicked off from the Review/Approval Workflow error are:


  • An error occurred while publishing QM 103B Training Attendance Form.docx...


  • Site is not configured for Claims Forms Authentication.


I am using the workflow Action "Copy file to SharePoint".


When it ran from the Review/Approval I get the messages above, but when I ran it independently, it created a New Record ID and the file was successfully copied to the Parent location.