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Dropdown control with key|value pairs

Question asked by martinn on May 3, 2018
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for a special form I have set up a list containing a choice field. In the form the field will be a dropdown control.

The selectable options in that field have the format "key|value".

For example:

   US|United States of America

   GB|United Kingdom



The key is the part that will be saved with the item while the value part is only for display that to the user. Further the key is used for calculation of special values. This is the reason for using key and value pairs.

Now in a workflow I find that I need to write E-mails containing the choice of the user. Now I want to ask  how I can now get the displayed value?

My first idea was to store that value to a separate colum after the user did his choice. But I have no idea how to find out that value and not the key?

Can anybody give me a hint? May be that is simple.

Thanks in advance.