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How to use Nintex workflows and Nintex forms with Multilingual SharePoint 2016 Sites Using Variation ?

Question asked by mohdfurqan47 on May 2, 2018
Latest reply on May 15, 2018 by mohdfurqan47

Problem Scenarios:

Customer wants SharePoint sites for their public facing E-services (Build using Nintex form and Workflows) in ENGLISH and ARABIC both. These e-services should be accessible using all desktop, laptop and mobile devices (tabs, iPhone, android phones and windows phone). When site is switched from English to Arabic customer is expecting all contents (including Nintex desktop and mobile forms) should be translated to Arabic.

In SharePoint sites, we are using VARIATIONS which create a separate site for ENGLISH and ARABIC.


Nintex Support Required:

Currently we required your guidelines and support on following items:

  • How to use same workflows hosted under English site for Arabic users
  • How to access and translate NINTEX form hosted under root site from Arabic site
  • How workflow items i.e. Main List Item, Task List Items, Nintex forms, Mobile forms for main list and Task list will be converted to Arabic.


All the Nintex form required to be hosted under SharePoint site with master pages.

Pls. suggest best possible solution to achieve above requirements for the customer. Pls. highlight the limitations as well.


Note: Customer don’t want Duplicate Lists, Duplicate workflows or Duplicate Nintex form to keep management and administration simple.