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Site workflow triggering content type reusable workflow

Question asked by kdorn on Apr 27, 2018
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I am working on an ISO9000 EMC type solution and I need a little help.

Here is an overview of the process

  1. A document is put in Drop off library.
  2. A review process takes place at the drop off library level
  3. After the document is approved it gains a status of "Current" and the content organizer moves the document to the correct library.
  4. This solution will eventually run across 9 sub sites and 10 individual libraries in each sub site. (I plan on building once in the main test site and then import workflows into each sub site

The issue is that these documents need to be reviewed annually so there is a document expiration date field and a calculated column called 90 days prior to review date.

I have a site level workflow that queries each of the individual libraries within the site and looks for items that meet the condition [90 days prior to review less than or equal to Today]

This workflow will then change the status of these items to "Due for Review"

I also have a Reusable workflow attached to the content type that should be executed when and items status is "Due for Review" and [90 Days prior to review less than or equal to Today]

My issue is this when an item gets put in the correct library after approval and the site level workflow changes the status to "Due for Review" my reusable workflow does not fire.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to get this to work?


Reapproval workflow trigger:

ReUsable Start Settings

Reapproval Run If Statement

ReApproval RunIF Statement