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Formula with two Or and one And not working

Question asked by isabelchen on Apr 27, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2018 by fhunth

This formula is not working for this requirement: only displays if Request Type=Add New Supplier OR =Activate Supplier AND Vendor Confirmation Button=Yes:


not(equals(Request_Type, 'Add New Supplier')||(equals(Request_Type, 'Activate Supplier') &&equals(Vendor_Confirmation_Button, 'Yes'))


It was working without the part after ‘||’ .  Once I added the 2nd condition after ‘||’, this control is displayed regardless the value in “Vendor Confirmation Button”.


It seems that the condition after ‘&&’ is ignored.


I also tried this way and it also not working:


and(equals(Vendor_Confirmation_Button, 'Yes')), not(equals(Request_Type, 'Add New Supplier')||equals(Request_Type, 'Activate Supplier'))