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Workflow pages routing/redirect to sharepoint Internal URL

Question asked by cmikhaiel on Apr 26, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2018 by Enrico Knapp

This might be a SharePoint question more than a Nintex question, but I thought might be worth a try... 

We have a server that was only accessible internal, we did all the Nintex forms and workflows configuration when the server was only internal. 

Then we reconfigured the server/web application to be external facing and the URL has changed. Now the forms and the workflows are all in there. when the user creates a new item the workflow triggers. 

The problem is in two areas: 

- When we go to Manage existing workflows (from the external facing url) , and click on the workflow to view, we get an error that it cannot route to the "internal link".. 

- When a workflow has an action to create a new item and a workflow is supposed to start on it upon creation, the workflow errors saying that it cannot find the workflow at location "Internal URL". 


I've tried removing the workflow and re-importing while on the "External" URL. Same issue occurred. I thought the issue is may be that URL is somehow tied in to the exported workflow, so I tried to create a brand new one while on the "external link", save and publish, click to view, same error.. all workflows are being saved or routed to that old URL. 


My question, what do we need to do on SharePoint to change the routing of the workflow pages to the new URL?!