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Why Request Data task doesn't move to next stage when using custom form and content type

Question asked by on Apr 25, 2018
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I am using Request Data task in a Nintex 2016 workflow in SharePoint 2016 on-premise.

I have attached custom content type to it and also added one custom outcome field called MOutcome.

I am using custom form which is displayed when a user clicks on task title in Workflow tasks list. I achieved it by creating a feature where I am assigning my own custom application page based on content type.

My custom application page displays fine.

On that custom page I have one approve button clicking on which I set the default outcome to "Continue" and my custom outcome MOutcome to "Approve" but workflow doesn't move to next step. It just remains at Request Data step.


But if I use the default/OOB task form which shows "Complete Task" button in SharePoint then it moves workflow to next step even though I have seen it also performs the same operations i.e. setting default outcome to "Continue" and MOutcome to "Approve"


What code shall I write on my button in custom form so that this task is completed and workflow moves to next step? Or in other words how can I make Request Data task complete on a click of a button which is my custom code?