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How do I return multiple values I can loop thru?

Question asked by tcl on Apr 24, 2018
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For me this seems to be a very simple lookup, but I can't get useful return values. Here is what I have:

I have a sharepoint list named 'Person'. It is a simple list containing a "Person or Group" field and a field called "Group tags" which is a multiple value field. In my workflow I want to retrieve the Group tags of a person. So I create a workflow variable "wvTagList" that is set to a List Lookup of current item's Group Tags field.

For one document this returns: {"results":[{"Id":3,"Value":"Brabrand"},{"Id":2,"Value":"Office"}]}

For me this looks like a dictionary, containing a collection of 2 dictionaries! Now, I want to loop through the values in the dictionaries in the collection, but I can't get figure out to make the correct for each loop. I want to do a loop a la this:

for each "Value" in "results" collection

     do something with "Value" (i.e. "Brabrand" then "Office")



wvTagList is a collection variable.


Help is much appreciated