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Nintex workflow not running on schedule?

Question asked by chelanpud_license on Apr 20, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2018 by eharris04

Hey All,

I am pretty comfortable in SP but new to Nintex. A user has created a workflow, with a schedule that runs every day at 4am. When I check 'view history' on the workflow I can see that it almost never runs correctly on schedule. Sometimes it runs around 4:25am, other times it runs at a random morning time (7:35am, 10:45am, 8:23am, etc.) and occasionally will not run until the PM sometime (I've seen as late as 3:25pm).

What the heck?! Its odd that 95% of the time it runs on a :x5 or :x0 of the hour, but there are occasions where its not, like 8:23am, etc.).

We have other Nintex workflows that dont have scheduling issues like this, and this workflow ran perfect for months and then one day just started randomly drifting and has continued since. I did check that we don't have excessive workflow history and we have less than 2k records.

Any thoughts? would love your ideas!

I have submitted an SR but still waiting on a response - I thought the support forums might be another way to tackle this.