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Loop through repeating section data without the UDA

Question asked by kmccool on Apr 20, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2018 by N M

Hey everyone,

I'm trying to build a workflow to get and loop through the repeating section data without using a UDA. I've heard UDA's are going away once we migrate to online so I thought I would build this workflow to successfully migrate.


I'm having issues with the query XML portion. I thought I could just query the form data from Item Properties and reference my repeating section name as the output to grab the encoded XML. I don't think this is pulling any data though because when I get to the query XML action for the decoded repeating section data to get my item count, my workflow is having an error.

Am I totally doing this the wrong way by trying to deconstruct the UDA actions and apply them one by one to my workflow instead?


I originally got the UDA from Vadim Tabakman's post.