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Issue in related lookups inside repeating section with the last release??

Question asked by mirian_navas on Apr 18, 2018
Latest reply on May 22, 2018 by mirian_navas

Taking several examples from the community, I made a form in which I had a repeat section with several related lookup fields inside.

If on line 1 of the repeat section you selected one value in the lookup A, the lookup B was reloaded with the filtered values. 

Line 2 of the repetition section was independent. You could select something in the lookup A that did not interfere with the line 1( Nothing changes on line 1)

This was working and in production.


Now, without modifying the form, line 1 works fine, but as soon as I add a line, I lose the values (already selected) of field B in All the rows






Filling first line 


Try to add new row: 



This is normal behavior or a failure in the last release???