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Use a workflow to set a People/Group Column to empty value

Question asked by jeff_l on Apr 17, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2018 by jeff_l

In a workflow, I want to clear out a list column that is keeping track of future approvers, so it may include multiple people when the workflow starts.  When the last approval starts, there should be no more approvers and I want to set that column to an empty value.


I've tried using the People/Group workflow variable that I do not initiate and stays blank.  That works fine when my People/Group list column is set to not allow multiple values.  For some reason, when I make the field allow multiple values, this no longer works, and it leaves the last result in there.  I cannot find a way to clear it out through the workflow.


The field is set to allow blank values and I can delete the last entry by directly modifying the list item and leave it blank, but I can't seem to figure out a way to do it through a workflow.


I've use both Set Field Item and Update List Item.  I've also tried it with a blank text variable and one where I just had a ";" in it trying random things.  Using the blank text variables errored the workflow.  The blank People/Group variable did not error the workflow, but did not make the item blank either.


I've tested this out with a workflow where the only action is the Update List Item or Set Field Item depending on which I was testing as well, so I know something else is not writing back to it.


I'm kind of out of approached to try.  Does anyone know why it might exhibit this behavior and a way to get the field back to blank?