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Using values returned by SQL Request Form Control in Calculations

Question asked by chanteldup on Apr 17, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2018 by chanteldup

Good Day,


Using Nintex Enterprise 2016 on Premise. 


I am building an expense request Workflow and seem to be struggling with using the data returned by 2 SQL Request controls on my form.


The Controls work perfectly and return the expected data, 1 returns Allocated Budget for the current year for the selected GL Code and the second returns Approved Budget for the current year for the selected GL Code.


What I need to do is use the returned values to calculate Available Budget but i just don't seem to be able to use the values returned in my calculation.For info this is a repeating section and calculated value has been set to recalculate on New and Edit mode. 




I've even tried just displaying one of the values in a calculated control to see if anything comes up but nothing.


What I have tried:
=ParseLookup("Control Name")

=ParseLookup("Value Field")

=ParseLookup("Display Field")
="Control Name"

="Value Field"

="Display Field"

All of the above with and without Quotes... Tried changing display mode which apparently caused some issues for other users, old posts though. 


Parameters are passed in from form controls and Workflow variables, I just hard coded the above for testing purposes.


What am I missing or doing wrong..?