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Validate Multi-Select Choice Field

Question asked by andreapasutti on Apr 13, 2018
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I'm trying to figure out the correct syntax to validate my multi-select choice field. We want the users to check all the fields that apply:

  • The account was reviewed
  • Account has sufficient funds
  • Account has insufficient funds
  • Agreement on file
  • Agreement not on file

The process will continue based on any combination of choices. However, the only combination that would not be valid would be if the account had both sufficient and insufficient funds. I need a rule that will invalidate this field if "Account has sufficient funds" and "Account has insufficient funds" are both selected. I tried this:

contains(Choice, "Account has sufficient funds") && contains(Choice, "Account has insufficient funds")

and this:

equals(Choice, "Account has sufficient funds") && equals(Choice, "Account has insufficient funds")

but those don't work. I also tried fiddling around with an array, but I'm not very familiar with that and haven't been successful:

!inArray(Choice, "Account has sufficient funds") && inArray(Choice, "Account has insufficient funds")

I feel like I'm close, it seems like these should work. Can I get some guidance?