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stopping the workflow for X days and then sending a task/email

Question asked by morgulork on Nov 7, 2014
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Hi folks,


I have a workflow that will be started when a person leaves a company. This wf can be started even 2 months before this person leave.

Alle the workflow tasks can be completed except one task/reminder. The person who gets this task/reminder then has to delete the home directory (not before). This MUST be done 3 days AFTER the last working day.


at the top I do a "calculate date":

    Date:                 workflow data   ->  varLastWorkday

    days                 3

    Store date in: varDeleteOrder

I send out a test email to myself with the variable varDeleteOrder. It seems to work (date is correct).

Then I tried to (I think in english it's called) "stopping until"

    pause until:  workflowdata   ->   varDeleteOrder"

Below I put the task/reminder.


I did a test WF and puted the last varLastWorkgday to November 2.2014 (today Nov.7. minus 3 days).

Unfortunately I don't recieve the task/reminder.


Do I a mistake by trying this?


Thanks in advance.

Kind Regards