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Calculated Value If date is less than 12/31/2017

Question asked by kmccool on Apr 13, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2018 by kmccool

Hey Everyone,

I'm struggling to get this calculated value working. My formula is: If(date<12/31/2017,field*.535,field*.545)

Basically if the date entered is less than a certain date, I would like it to calculate using the first value, and if it's not I would like it to calculate with the second value.

However, my calculation always ends up the same amount no matter if it meets the condition or not.

I've tried:




Thanks for the help!




ok, I thought maybe instead of combining the if and the calculation, I would just make two calculated value fields and add rules to hide or show the calculation. the rule is lessThanOrEqual(Date,12/31/2017).

this isn't working either. Is there something funky I need to know about using date fields for rules?


Thanks again