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Customizing a link to a content item in a task form doesn't work

Question asked by on Apr 10, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2018 by jackgelo

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I am currently building a workflow on a SharePoint item list.

In each Workflow task Form I would like to allow the user to consult/edit the related item. So in the task form  I added a label in which I inserted a link to the content item by using {Common:ItemUrl} reference. This works fine and the related item is displayed as expected !!!


The issue I have is when the user closes the related item's form he is redirected to the lists form (https://...Lists/XXX/AllItems.aspx) whereas I would expect him to come back on the current task form.


I suppose this process is a quite common need and there must be a way to handle it but even by going through the forums here, I couldn't find a solution.


So thanks for your help.


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