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Permissions get reset on a task list

Question asked by bsieloff on Apr 9, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2018 by bsieloff

Hello All,


I have a task list where I was changing permissions as a new task was entered so that only the assigned to user could update their task and the site owners.  This was not working the way I wanted so I changed the list permissions and gave everyone full access and changed the workflow so that it changed the permissions after the user responded (completed) the task to a more restrictive view/edit.


I had to go back and update all the old tasks so that the everyone group had full access so that the users could see their tasks and respond.  Everything seemed ok but somewhere in 24ish hours the users who did nothing to their tasks had their tasks revert to my original restrictive settings.  No workflow has run, it was just a task item waiting for some input.


The oddest part is that I have seen this behavior before using designer workflows... I just chalked it up to some oddity with designer.  I had to delete the task list and recreate a new one without messing with the permissions to get it to work correctly in that case.


In this case, I have live workflows and tasks, not so easy.  Has anyone seen this behavior before?  Is there a fix?  I can't be running through all the "not started" tasks every day and updating the permissions manually just to have to do it again the next day.


Thanks for your help