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Display data from page in email

Question asked by courtney.shelton Champion on Apr 10, 2018
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We have certain internal info that our Investments team updates daily. They wanted to be able to quickly and easily update the data and have it display on a page in SharePoint. Due to their familiarity with Excel and predisposition towards it, we did this with an Excel viewer part that has a tab for each page they want and they just update the Excel sheet.


Now, they want an email to go out when they update this info and for it to contain the changes they made. A sample update would look like this:



A wire will be sent from [Redacted] account to [Redacted] account for today’s settlement, an outflow of $XX,XXX.XX. Additionally, X wires totaling $XX,XXX.XX will be sent from [Redacted]. After wire activity, our [Redacted] balance will be $XX,XXX,XXX.XX and our [Redacted] will decrease to X.XXX%.


The other is a little trickier, as it's not just text, it's this table:

So, I either need to be able to use Nintex Workflow to extract data from within Excel (it's a defined cell range in both cases) to put in an email, or I need to have a way to have something they can update that will both go on a Site Page and in an Email nicely.


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