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Multi-User Assign To Do Task Status?

Question asked by tast on Apr 6, 2018
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I've had a Sharepoint application that runs Nintex for the past 6 years. Many of the workflows have "To-Do" tasks that are assigned to multiple people all are set to "First Response Applies". When a user responds all tasks are marked complete which allows the tasks to drop out of the Open Workflow Tasks assigned to that person. So once someone responds it looks like this:

The only way to tell who responded is to check that the outcome is Continue instead of Not Required.


So recently we setup a new application which runs much the same way, the "To-Do" tasks are configured identically to allow the first response to apply - that part works fine and the workflow moves on after the first response. However the Task Status is remaining "Not Started" for all the users as opposed to being marked completed as it does on the Legacy app. So it looks like this:



This means these items are still showing up on the users Task list even though they are no longer required to answer and officially the task is closed because the workflow is no longer running. Any ideas why these are not working the same? Is there a setting I am missing on the new application?