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How to create custom form for workflow tasks

Question asked by on Apr 9, 2018
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Please tell me how can I assign my own custom task form to a Nintex workflow? 

I tried using "Flexi Task" and there is "Edit Form" button on top of the ribbon but it is disabled probably because Nintex Forms is not installed. Does it mean I cannot customize task form without Nintex Forms?


Normally when using SPD and Visual Studio to create custom task form I do the following to achieve this:


1. Create a task in a workflow in SPD

2. Create a custom content type for e.g. "MyApprovalProcess" and assign it to workflow

3. Open Visual Studio, and inside "FeatureActivated" method assign a custom form to that content type for e.g.


SPContentType MyApprovalProcess = web.ContentTypes["MyApprovalProcess"];

MyApprovalProcess.EditFormUrl = "_layouts/15/SP.Solution.MyProject/MyCustomForm.aspx";

4. After deploying the solution, it will open my MyCustomForm.aspx when a user clicks on task name.


How can I achieve the same using Nintex Workflow?



By the way, task type must support the custom outcome. Based on the following page it looks like only Flexi Task support custom outcomes.

Nintex Approval Action Comparision 



If anyone is wondering why can't I use VS in Nintex case too i.e. just assign task form to custom content type because I want to avoid using any C# based solution as it may not work in case of SharePoint Online.