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How to create a workflow that sends a dynamic email 1 month from a certain date?

Question asked by bgusg2 on Apr 5, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2018 by cazza162

Hi,  I am new to Nintex workflows and have created some basic ones.  I am trying something I think to be a little more complicated.


I would like to have a workflow send an email with dynamic content I create based on certain information as it pertains to a particular item in a list.


The workflow should work something like this. 

1. An item in a list has a status that is changed to check mailed or bill credited (done by user)

2a. When the status is check mailed the date this occurs is placed in the 'check mailed date' column (currently done by another workflow)

2b. When the status is bill credited the date this occurs is placed in the bill credit date' column (currently done by another workflow)

3. This workflow should now set a date that is (1) month from either 'check mailed date' or 'bill credit date' depending on what was selected.

4. On this new date (1 month in the future) the dynamic email is automatically sent to the email address in the 'email address' field.


I've thought about creating a new column called (emailSendDate) that gets populated with a date 1 month in the future from the check mailed date or bill credit date. This workflow would run each evening and send out emails for items that have that date on it. 


Any thoughts on the based way to go about this?