Archiving an Outlook Inbox

Discussion created by davidjohnson5000 on Apr 4, 2018

We currently have all emails from an Outlook Inbox automatically loaded to a SharePoint list.  The issue is we have maxed out on the 5,000 list limitation.  Note we do have indexes on sent date and sender.


I am wondering if i could set up a workflow at the start of each new month or new year create a new folder.  Once the new folder is in place the workflow would take any items received for the day and place in the appropriate month/year folder.


I am hoping something similar has been done and I could leverage off any existing workflow for my own purposes.  My only concerns would be are:

1-Is the 5,000 limit at the list level - if i have a list that contains 7,500 emails and I have 3 sub folders that have 2,500 a piece - am i ok

2-Are the emails still searchable ?