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How do I set a Form as a default form

Question asked by jbrisbane on Mar 29, 2018

Hi I am new to Nintex Forms and wanted to ask how do I set a form as a default form.


I have 1 list with 2 forms and I want to make one of the forms the default so it always open when a user selects an item in the list.  But what is happening is it will open the form that was last used.


Form 1 = Item Form

Form 2 = CollectionPaperWork Form


If a user opens the item it will open Form 1, then they might switch to Form 2 and then close the item.  When they go back into the item it will open using Form 2 but I want it to always open Form 1, how do I do this.


I have search for the option but all I find is how to set a field in the form as a default value.

Thanks in advance.