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Person or Group SP column with Group selected restricts access to Edit/View Form

Question asked by markd on Mar 28, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2018 by emha

Nintex Forms 2013 Ver

WIndows7, IE11


1) Created a SP list that has a Person or Group column set to Choose a Group.

2) The Nintex Form has a control connected to the column, so that the user can select an individual from only that group.  The group is significant and needed, as this control/field is used to drive WFs and email notifications.  Selecting a user not included in the group would cause mnajor problems with persons receiving emails and alerts intended for other persons.

3) After the user has selected a person from the Group and saved the record (item), whenever anyone tries to access that record, only members of the group can edit or view that record.

4) it appears that once a member of the SP group has been associated with the record, users who are not members of the group have no access to the record

5) However, users with "Full Control" are allowed access.

6) If I change the Person or Group column to select "All Users", the restriction is lifted.


This looks like a permissions issue, but is also seems to be related to Nintex not managing the use of SP Groups correctly.  Trying different combinations of permissions has not solved the problem.


An insight or assistance would be appreciated.