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Default Value in repeating section (first row - why!!)

Question asked by cmikhaiel on Mar 27, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2018 by cmikhaiel

I have a very simple repeating section with some text values. I'm basically collecting some values on the initial form and saving them into list item fields. 

Then a task form gets created with that repeating section, all I want is that the fields in the repeating section gets auto-populated with default values from the data I'm collecting on the initial form. 

The funny thing, it is working fine when I add new line items in the repeating section, all default values that I want are in there. But just not the first line in the repeating section. 


I added the default value of each field to be populating from the list item field. I also changed the null display value to be populating from that list item field. Still can't get the first line to auto-populate the default value. 


Using SP/Nintex 2016 on prem.