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Get XML As Plain Text in Email / Column

Question asked by rhia Champion on Mar 27, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2018 by laul

Hey folks!


I'll admit - I don't use O365 very much. And, due to this fact, I struggle with some things that are fairly basic.


Example (and the topic of this post): 


We're using the O365 Search Query to retrieve some data on a Content Type. Neat. We're returning the source as XML. Also neat. HOWEVER! We need to be able to view the XML brought back with all of its tags in tact, and it keeps rendering them and thus disappearing. Here is what we have tried:


- Emailing it to ourselves using the Advanced Lookup to select Workflow Variable, txtXML, and selecting the format as Plain Text

- Writing it to a multi-line SharePoint column set to Plain Text

- Wrapping with the tags XMP

- Sacrificing a keyboard to the gods of XML


What's interesting is that, if we Log To History, all is well - XML, ahoy.


Can you help us out?


CC Amy Grendus


(PS: If you're interested in why we want it as XML, it's because we want to see all the possible tags that we can consume from the search.)