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Account fields are not pulling into my form

Question asked by on Mar 26, 2018

Hi all - I am somewhat new to Doc Generation and taking on the task of learning it for my organization. I have a document being generated from a Custom Object (Object A) - pulls the data from fields on that object into the doc just fine. My doc also has fields from the Account record - which is a lookup on my Custom Object A.  My doc also has fields from a Custom Object (Object B) that is a related list on my Account record.  My doc DOES pull in the data from the fields from my Custom Object B perfectly - but DOES NOT pull in the data from my fields from my Account Record.    How can that be? I have to be getting to the Account record properly in order to get to the Object B which is a related list to the account, don't I?   


My doc originates on Custom Object A 

And my Account object is related  as a Lookup on Custom Object A 

And my Custom Object B is related by the Account link


Any suggestions?!