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Create Site Action - Override Credentials Not Working

Question asked by alongcot on Mar 23, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2018 by philipplucas

I'm building an approval workflow to create a new site from values in a form.  I have set up a site collection workflow constant containing credentials for a system account, which I use in the Override Credentials section of a Web Request action and a Create Site action.  I enabled error handling in both actions and set variables to collect values and pass them to me via email if an error occurs.


The system account is also a member of the Site Collection Administrators group.


When the workflow is run, the Web Request action runs without issue, but the Create Site action fails.  The value returned from the error handling is "invalid username or password".


I have tried typing the system account user and password directly into the Override Credentials fields in the Create Site action.  I've also tried typing in my own credentials.  Neither works.  When I remove the Override Credentials from the action and run the workflow as my user, however, the site is created.