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Nintex Forms Redirect URL with parameters in conditions

Question asked by jperret on Mar 27, 2018



I'm trying to use the Redirect URL from a Form depending if it's in 'Revision' or in 'New mode', my problem is when I try to redirect to the assigned workflow task when it's in revision :


I have a Query string Parameter called tskURL("https//..../WorkflowTask/ID?=xx") for "En correction" as QueryString parameter


The function here below works for New mode, but not when the Statut is in "En correction" :

fn-If(fn-Equals(Statut,"En correction"),fn-GetQueryString("tskURL"),"https://.....")


It returns the function as string "fn-GetQueryString("tskURL")" !


I've tried many concatenation too : .... """ + fn-GetQueryString("tskURL") + """ or "https://...." + fn-GetQueryString("tskID") + ", and many others but It always returns as String instead of resolving the Function!


Any ideas ?