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Copy enhanced rich text field from one item to another

Question asked by derben on Mar 26, 2018
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I'm trying to copy the value of an enhanced rich text field / from one item to another while preserving the formatting. Until now I'm only able to copy either the plain text or the html.


I have to list ListA and ListB each using a content type TypeA and TypeB. Both content types derive from Document Set and share an ehanced rich text site column FieldX. TypeB derives from Document Set. A workflow running on ListA creates a new item of TypeB in ListB. Inside this action the value of FieldX ist copy from the source item to the target item. The workflow finishes correctly. But, when viewing the newly created list item in ListB the former rich text is displayed as HTML.


Enhanced rich text gets displayed as HTML


The configuration of the "Create Item" action is as follows:





What am I doing wrong here?