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How could the Task Notification message body be getting overridden?

Question asked by gcofield on Mar 21, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2018 by emha

We are using Nintex Forms with Sharepoint 2013 on-premise.

We have created a State Machine workflow for approval requests.


We are currently using Lazy Approval, using the workflow action “Request Approval” for email notification, to automate our Approval process.


We have customized our Task Notification messages, from [Site Settings -> Message Templates]. (view pic)





This is what we have in our Task Notification messages body: (view below)


This is what we are receiving after the workflow is executed: (view below)




When our workflow sends the email notification, we are receiving an email message that is different from the messages in the Message Templates.


Has anyone seen this type of behavior before, or can anyone tell us where the message body would be getting overridden from?