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Is there a way to show the value from a Calculated Value field in a single Line text field and allow users to change the value?

Question asked by on Mar 22, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2018 by emha

Platform is onPrem 2013.

I am (attempting) using a Lookup List dropdown to retrieve column values into calculated value fields - this works great.  

I need to allow the user to edit the values in the calculated value fields. I know this directly is not possible. So I created single line text fields and connected them to the CV fields.  Using a rule I hide the Single Line Text field when a lookup dropdown value is not = 'manualentry'.  (Manual for user input).  If user selects 'manualentry' the form opens the SLT fields which are set to 'send to back' and the CV fields set to 'send to front'.  I can enter a value in the SLT - due to they are seen on the form.  Form is saved but the values entered do not show up when form is reopened in view nor edit mode.  The CalcValue fields are set to  Recalc on view = No;  edit = no (I've tried =Yes does not work);  new = yes.

I have placed a rule on the CalcValue fields to hide when the dropdown field = 'manualentry' & the SLT fields are set to hide when the dropdown field is not = 'manualentry'.    Can anyone help me on this?  Can it be done this way or with a workflow - update item?