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Compile overdue items into 1 email per AssignedTo

Question asked by nova05 on Mar 21, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2018 by nova05

My current site wf that sorts on items that are overdue, pulls field values from the SP list and sends an email to the assignee. 1 email per overdue item (this wf runs weekly).  However, I want to consolidate the number of emails. So my goal... Goal = send one email (weekly) to the assignee that contains all their overdue items. I will update the original post as I go on so everything is in one place and easy to follow for future. Special thanks to Marian Hatala -


I've read through mulitple posts so I've started building on the original WF. 


1. Query List 1:  

      Filters:          Internal Due Date is less than Current Date


                           Issue Status is equal to Active.

      Field: Assigned To  (AssignedToColl)

2. Collection Operation: 

       Target Collection: AssignedToColl

            Remove Duplicates

       Store Result in: AssignedToColl

3. For Each 1:

      Target Collection: AssignedToColl

      Store Result in: varAssignedTo (people/group)

4. (I would then place the Query List 2 (from oringal wf) within the first For Each 1)

    Query List 2:

            Filters: Internal Due Date is less than Current Date


                        Issue Status is equal to Active


                        AssignedToColl is equal to varAssignedTo

            Fields:  Title (titleColl)

                   Assigned To (AssignedToColl)   --> This can be removed now. It was needed for my original wf.

                   Internal Due Date (dueDateColl)

                   Obs. No. (obsnoColl)

5. For Each

         Titlecoll store result in itemTitle

         Index: index (number)

6. Run parallel actions

7. Collection Operation (x3) to get my 3 fields and store each into their own variable.

8. Math operation 

      Calculation: Workflow Data --> index

            Plus Value 1

      Store result: index

9. Regular expression (this just changes the date to appear how I want it to) --> store result in varDateText

10. Build String w/ my variables --> store result in emailString

11. Exit the inner loop

12. Send Notification 

         To: varAssignedTo (individually addressed)

13. Exit outer loop --> done



I can get the email to work for a single user, but I'm having trouble getting the email to send to the specific Assignee when I test it under the above.


My guess is I need a set variable, but the one I tried didn't seem to match userID's correctly. An internal employee was cced on a failed workflow when I tried that and I was the only user I was testing it.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've read through a fair amount posts so if you could add some more insights...wfOneItemEmailPerUser

This is where I am with my mission.