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Enable or Disable a Sharepoint List Item's edition form based on Workflow Status

Question asked by lstrauss on Nov 5, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2014 by lstrauss

On a sharepoint List that works with Nintex Workflow, would it be possible to to disable an item's edition based on the status of the workflow?


I've seen JavaScript codes that hide or even disable fields based on other fields value. So far, so good.

But when it comes to disablig a field or form edition based on the workflow status... would it be possible?

I'm not a programmer, but I can read and edit JScript and PHP codes just fine.


In detail:

I currently have a list with a nintex workflow in place. This workflow has several different approvals and I needed to disabled the item edition mode once the workflow has been approved by the first Approver, as it would mean the item is fine and therefore should not be edited. But if he rejects it, the item must remain enabled, so who ever sent it in can apply the corrections.