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Are tasks deleted when action is no longer required?

Question asked by cclements on Mar 20, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2018 by callum

I use the "Start a Task Process" action to send an approval task to three people.  The action is configured to complete when the first response is received.


This creates three tasks in the "Workflow Task List".  Let's just say the IDs  for the task items are:






When I approve one of the three tasks, let's say its 3393, the other two tasks are deleted from the "Workflow Tasks" list.


3392 - Deleted from the list.

3393 - Complete

3394 - Deleted from the list


That means that if the other two approvers attempt to follow the link to the task they were assigned, perhaps they got into the office late or were busy, they get an error indicating the item was deleted.


Is this normal behavior? If so, is there a more graceful way of handling the link to the deleted task?