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XML Query not returning the entire

Question asked by lucylee7 on Mar 21, 2018
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*I am new to nintex workflow 

I have a list which contains 2 repeating sections. lets call A & B list then, i need the items based on if its Yes then the required data will be populated in a C list (repeating sections). Lets say 5 data in List A but 4 yes then only 4 will be populated into 4 repeating section in C list.


I have done all the lists and so on. now down to workflow to connects the repeating fields.


 I have created 



Query XML to extract AXML repeating list but no idea how to extract BXML. so just trying A list first.


I have created the XPath, and want to get all the data which might contains RepeatingData1,RepeatingData2, and etc.


but it keeps showing 1 items infact should be 5. 


pls help!




Data sample.

1Entity United States City Postcode Country