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Reset field possible?

Question asked by glenda on Nov 5, 2014
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I am working with Nintex Forms 2013 but am wondering if the following is possible.

I have a Nintex form that is used to request a project site. When a site is requested they have to fill in to which the customer the project belongs to. If the customer is not available in the (lookup) list they should have the possibility to check a checkbox and fill in the name of the customer manually. My Nintex Workflow is doing the rest :-).


More details on lists:


  • I have a list "Project sites" - using the Nintex form to request a project site


  • I have a list "Customers" - this includes a list of customers that already have a project site assigned to them
  • A lookup colum to the Customers list is taking care of selecting the customer in my request form


More details on form:

  • Lookup column "Customers" available - a user selects here the customer it belongs to
  • A checkbox that they should mark when the customer they are looking for is not yet in the list
    • When a user selects the checkbox my Customers control is being disabled using a formatting rule = OK
    • When a user selects the checkbox a single line of text field is shown where they manually have to fill in the name of the customer = OK using a formatting rule
  • It is required to select the customer from the list OR fill in the other field manually. Problem is that when one fills in the field manually (and thus has checked the checkbox) the customer field should be resetted so that no value is filled in here as I do not want to save wrong information in my list. Would this be possible using Javascript?



Thank you!