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How to hide a field based on a dropdown

Question asked by drogon on Mar 15, 2018
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I have a dropdown in my form that pulls from another list, and if you choose any item other than "Headset" from the dropdown, I want another field to be hidden. So if you do choose "Headset", the other field should appear.


Sounds easy, right? I can't get it to work. I'm using Nintex for O365 and have no other forms in place on my form, so it's not an issue of conflicting rules.


I've tried using not(inArray(Item, "Headset")), as well as Item!="Headset"


Both rules hide the field all the time, never showing it when "Headset" is selected as the option.


I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong, though I'm sure it's something simple I'm overlooking. Any help would be appreciated!!

Thank you!