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Call web service to external system not saving settings and no options...

Question asked by on Mar 9, 2018
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I am attempting to make a call to our BMC Remedy ITSM environment to submit a request.  When I do so, I am able to put in the URL, and then the username and password.  Once I click on "Refresh" I get the only web method associated to that web service, and select it.


Next comes the hard part...

When I select SOAP builder, I do not get any options underneath it.  When I select SOAP editor, I also do not get any options. This occurs in Microsoft Edge, IE 11, FireFox ESR 52, and Chrome.


SOAP Builder SelectedSOAP Editor Selected




Then, once I click on Save, I am able to open it back up, and the Editor is there and allows me to put in my SOAP Envelope, but I am unable to select the Web Method, and it is greyed out.  When I click "Refresh" again, it will give me the web method, but I do not get the options below it again. BUT, my soap envelope, contains the web method, so I figured I did not need it.   But, on submit, I get an error of missing web method piece.



Any help would be greatly appreciated.