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23 seconds to Edit a Flexi Task?

Question asked by woutert on Mar 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2018 by nintex_orbid

I am curious to learn if my current 23 seconds from double-clicking (configuring) a Flexi Task until the moment the task is entirely available on the screen for editing is fast, normal or slow for our Nintex development environment. I've eliminated any latency time by developing from a terminal server with < 1ms latency to the SharePoint/Nintex servers. Would appreciate replies telling me how many seconds it takes you to edit a 'decent' flexi task. I've loaded my flexi task with a SharePoint group as the assignee, a notification and reminder email and just some other normal parameters.

As I have no other environments for benchmarking against, I have no valid arguments for our excellent IT dept to step into this.

Appreciate any responses! Also would like to learn if there are other tools for benchmarking the Nintex development environment.