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Integration of Hybris with SAP-ERP

Question asked by elenakretova on Mar 10, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2018 by eharris04

I have a few inquiries identified with the incorporation amongst Hybris and SAP, and I would acknowledge in the event that somebody could toss some light on these questions I have.

The above connection clarifies how SAP can be coordinated with Hybris so the Order Management can be taken care of by SAP. It additionally recommends that SAP Hybris can be utilized for estimating and expense figuring which implies that Hybris can be skirted.

Also there can be incorporations with outside PIM (Product Information Management), CRM and different business forms.

Hybris, as I comprehend deals with the item, orders, charges, and so forth... On the off chance that in a genuine situation, this data and business forms are overseen from outside Hybris, at that point what is the motivation behind having Hybris? Is it just a front-end application at that point?